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Review: Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend – A Nostalgic Curiosity, But That’s About It

Not quite legendary.

The SaGa franchise has always been the odd one out in Square Enix’s deep vault of RPGs. Not only has the series gotten a somewhat infamous reputation for its weird, open-ended progression systems and high difficulty, but most entries came out years after their Japanese debuts, if they made it to the west at all. The first three games weren’t even called SaGa when they were localized, as Square believed at the time that the games would sell more copies if they were branded as a spin-off of Final Fantasy.

Whatever you call them by, that original trilogy has finally seen a re-release now via Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend, which collates all the games in one place with a few modern conveniences to help smooth out their myriad rough edges. While these extra bells and whistles certainly are a nice touch, there’s no escaping that the three games included here are extremely simplistic by today’s standards and haven’t aged as gracefully as some of their peers. This doesn’t inherently make them worthless, but it does make this collection a tougher sell – especially considering that other, better releases from this same series have seen similar re-releases on the Switch.

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