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New Games And DLC Coming To Capcom Arcade Stadium

Well, this is different. Capcom announced that its Capcom Arcade Stadium compilation will be getting some paid DLC. First up is the “Display Frames Set 1” bundle which bring 32 new title-specific display frames to the game. This will retail for $0.99.

More… fascinating is the “Invincibility” mode DLC. Also selling for $0.99, this new mode grants players invincibility across all of the games in Capcom Arcade Stadium. Whatever happened to cheat codes? Ah well, for a buck you can blast your way through all of these golden oldies without having to remember any special inputs, so maybe it’s not so bad.

“The unforgiving gameplay where one mistake could cost your life was well balanced with the fun sense of reward you felt from becoming more skilled at the game through repeated attempts.”
Hidenori Takaya, Programmer#CapcomArcadeStadium

— Capcom USA (@CapcomUSA_) April 29, 2021

Beyond that, new games will be coming to Capcom Arcade Stadium at some point down the road, although it’s not clear when that will be nor which titles to expect. In terms of what’s available now, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts is half-off from now until May 25 if you have yet to give it a purchase.

If you’re unfamiliar with what Capcom Arcade Stadium is, you can hit up this link (which also includes all of the games currently available). In a nutshell, it’s not all that dissimilar to Capcom Arcade Cabinet on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in the day—basically, players have access to a digital arcade where they can buy bundles of games to populate it with. There are three separate bundles to snag for Capcom Arcade Stadium, but it’s also possible to buy them all at once.

Source: Capcom Press Release

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