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PowerA Launching A Waluigi Enhanced Wireless Controller

Sure, there are plenty of controllers for Switch… but how many of them feature Waluigi? The answer is, not nearly enough, but this one from PowerA is sure to satiate the desires of even the most ardent of fans. Samurai won’t give the fans what they want, so in the interim they can at least make do with this gorgeous Enhanced Wireless Controller.

PowerA has been on a tear with its various Nintendo Switch controllers. The designs continue to be a delight, and coupled with the sturdy build quality and customization features the Enhanced Wireless range is known for, this Waluigi pad is sure to be another winner. Expect Bluetooth 5.0 functionality, remappable buttons, a 30-hour battery life, and USB-C charging out of the box. Alas, there’s no HD rumble nor NFC support, but the tradeoff for the $49.99 price point is fair.

Waluigi hits shops on June 4. Will you be giving the controller a buy? Tell us in the comments and on social!

Source: PowerA Press Release

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