How to Setup the Caddy Web Server as a Windows Service

Jai Jai Follow Mar 22, 2020 · 1 min read
How to Setup the Caddy Web Server as a Windows Service
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# How to Setup the Caddy Web Server as a Windows Service

Automatically start Caddy web services whenever your machine boots.


  1. Download Nssm
  2. Add Nssm folder to ENV path Example- path : D:\nssm-2.24\win64
  3. Download Caddy Server
  4. Add caddy folder to ENV path
  • Env = Environment Variables.
  • After download extract the files in ur Drive.

Lets make sure its working

  1. Open Cmd and type the command Nssm [Test if its working fine]

Caddy file

  1. Open Cmd and type the command Caddy [Test if its working fine]

enter image description here

Add Caddy Server in Nssm

  • Open Cmd and type Nssm install caddy, Nssm application will be opened
  • Example nssm_install

  • Now add Caddy.exe path to your nssm nssm_caddy

Explanation C:

  • Now Im passing Caddy arguments that is -conf [location of caddy conf file]
  • Example : -conf D:\Softwares\CaddyServer\anothercaddyfile.conf
  • Example : -conf C:\path\to\Caddyfile.conf
  • Example of my conf file

     localhost:8888 {
     root "D:/any folder to be served/"

    The lines following a site address start with a directive. Directives are keywords that Caddy recognizes. For example, gzip is an HTTP directive:

  • For more information about what to add in conf File check the Tutorial of Caddy Documentation

  • Now click on install service .. Caddy service will be successfully installed.

  • To check the caddy server CLick windows ->start - Services.msc


Note : If the services are not running Click on Restart Or Resume in Services msc or Open Cmd run this command ->Nssm start caddy(service name you have created)

Check your localhost://port files are served

Hope this article helps, Please post the comment if you face any errors.

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