Visual Basic 6.0 Game

Jai Jai Follow Jul 23, 2019 · 1 min read
Visual Basic 6.0 Game
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Traffic Freeze Game VB

Hi! well i tried to Complete this game ,not a big game though just a lame game from a noob Gamedoper well will update the source code once i finish it completely please be awaited

Demo or Instructions

Visual Basic 6.0 Game Part 3 Final Video download

#vbgame #vb6.0 #sourcecode

its Just a simple Game tried my best to complete it more additional features to be added but lack in time 1) Images are in 24 bit bmp 2) need more time to create Game 3) well did it shortly on some time

Source code project is provided in the blog

part 1 video of the Game (CROSS HAIR)

part 2 video of the Game (aDDING SOUNDS)

#thankyouall @vb6.0game

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