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A Hidden Method To Unlock Shin Akuma in Super Nintendo’s Street Fighter Alpha 2 Has Been Revealed

In Street Fighter Alpha 2, Shin Akuma was a secret boss in the game’s Arcade Mode, yet wasn’t available in any of the other modes. Or so we thought. Gizaha, a modder, reportedly attempted to reverse engineer the code of the game to make it run smoother. It was then that they found the requirements to play as Shin Akuma. And it’s easier than you may think.
  • First, beat Alpha 2’s Arcade mode and get a new #1 high score.
  • Next, enter “KAJ” as the initials when prompted to record the high score.
  • Return back to the title screen and grab a second controller.
  • On the second controller, while still on the start screen, hold down L, X, Y and Start at the same time.
  • While player two holds those buttons, player one navigates and selects Versus.
  • Now at the character select screen, either player can pick Shin Akuma by holding start when choosing a character.
  • If successful, Akuma’s clothing will turn purple at on the stage select screen.

The nature of this technique makes Gizaha believe that playing as Shin Akuma was only meant for developers in testing since this method was never published anywhere.

If you’re lucky enough to still have a copy of this 25-year-old game, why not try out this “new” character?

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