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Amazon’s Deal of the Day is the Dell XPS 9310, one of the best Thunderbolt 4 laptops!

You may be asking right now, “what’s a Thunderbolt 4 laptop, and why do I want it?”. I was the same until my colleague Kunal Khullar wrote up a list about the best Thunderbolt 3 laptops and why they’re so great. Basically, if you’re a creative professional, a Thunderbolt laptop’s data speeds will make your professional life a lot easier. The Thunderbolt 3 is great for this, but the Thunderbolt 4 is the latest technology for these data speeds, and who doesn’t want to best? Well, you’d normally be paying a premium, but today at Amazon, you’ll be able to save on one of our Thunderbolt 3 laptops with the Thunderbolt 4 upgrade, the Dell XPS 9310!

This 2-in-1 laptop is currently $360 off at Amazon, making the $1,800 laptop more affordable at $1,440. That might still seem to be too expensive, but this is an extremely powerful laptop. With an Intel Core i7 11th generation processor, 32 GB of RAM, and a 512 GB SSD, you’re definitely getting a laptop that can do almost anything you need it to with ease. The only real downside to the Dell XPS 9310 is that it uses the Intel Iris Xe graphics card instead of an NVIDIA card, but unless you’re trying to do high-end gaming on the laptop, it’s far from a deal-breaker.

But if you want the Dell XPS 9310, don’t delay! As this is Amazon’s Deal of the Day, you can only get the $1,440 sales price until midnight, or the item sells out.

    Dell XPS 9310 Thunderbolt 4 laptop
    With 32 GB of RAM, Thunderbolt 4, and a 512 GB SSD, this is one powerful laptop. It’s available for $360 today only!

If you don’t think you need a laptop as powerful as the Dell XPS 9310, I get you! I use my laptop secondary to my desktop, so I don’t need something as expensive as the 9310. Instead, check out our best laptops round-up, and decide what type of laptop is best for you!

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