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How to add music with lyrics to your whatsApp status

The trick is sort of simple and you’ll only need Instagram and WhatsApp installed on your device. The first thing you ought to do is...

Aug 14 · >

GTA Online receives a new update Los Santos Summer Special

Los Santos, the city that has everything, gets an additional portion of summer fun in the most recent update...

Aug 12 · >

“One Piece” Wano Kuni’s “Zoro Juro” has become a three-dimensional figure!

From “One Piece”, Luffy’s first friend, Roronoa Zoro, who intends to turn into the “world’s most noteworthy fighter”, is...

Aug 11 · >

Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 63 and 64 Release Date

Chapter 63 is estimated to release on same date 20th of every month, The last eleven chapters of the manga...

Aug 3 · >

Create your animated stickers on WhatsApp

HOW TO CREATE YOUR ANIMATED STICKERS IN WHATSAPP The first thing you have to do is goto Giphy, the...

Jul 31 · >

Rise of the Tomb Raider™ : 75% OFF on Steam

The title “includes the base game and the season pass with brand new content. Explore and defend the Croft Mansion in...

Jul 28 · >

The Fable Reboot : officially Confirmed

Playground Games is developing a new Fable ten years after the last numbered delivery. The passage of time, the evolution in game design...

Jul 28 · >

Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 62 Manga Evaluation

Moro has become a headache for Goku and Vegeta. This is the new villain from Dragon Ball Super ,which appeared in the...

Jul 25 · >

Golden PS5 : Confirmed

Sony has confirmed that its PlayStation 5 console will go on sale in December 2020. Prices starts from 600...

Jul 25 · >

Dragon Ball – Raditz will have the official figure

At the moment the launch date is unknown, as well as the final price.

Jul 23 · >

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