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Google will soon add Kid Profile support to the Chromecast with Google TV

Google said it plans to add support for Kid Profiles to the Chromecast with Google TV following outcry from users.

When the Chromecast with Google TV launched, the experience introduced a more polished UI that emphasized personalized recommendations. Essentially, it shows you content based on what you’ve watched and the genres you like. Overall, it’s a good replacement for Android TV. But users felt it fell short in multi-user support, specifically for parents who want to restrict access to certain apps and content.

In a support thread, via Android Authority, a Google spokesperson said it’s working to address this with a new feature that should be available for Chromecast with Google TV in the “next month (or so).”

Just wanted to post an update that Kids Profiles should be rolling out in the next month (or so). Restricted profiles are indeed deprecated in [Google TV] and replaced by the new feature “Kids Profiles”, which allows you to setup a safe space for kids in google TV. During onboarding you can chose what apps to make available to kids. Youtube kids is available by default and other installed apps required parent opt-in before they are made available to the kid. Leaving the kids profile can be restricted by a PIN to prevent kids from accidentally going back to the parent account.

However, Kid Profiles doesn’t really address the problem users have with the lack of real multi-user support. But for households who want to restrict the activity of their child, the Kid Profile feature sounds like a good solution. In a separate comment about multiple user report, the official Google Nest account hinted the feature is coming, but refrained from sharing further details.

At just $49, the Chromecast with Google TV is a solid streaming device that does a good job of aggregating all of your favorite services. But it clearly has its limitations. The good news is Google is working to address customer complaints. Let’s hope these features are released sooner rather than later.

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