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Indie World: No Driver’s License Necessary in Very Very Valet, Available Early 2021

Very Very Valet is a crazy, lively co-op party game developed by Toyful for one to four players. Control a group of puppet “elite” valets and work together to overcome challenges to try to save the world. Work together or cause complete disarray by launching your friends into the air. This madcap party game is sure to interest fans of Overcooked.

Accessible controls mean anyone can drive and the game is easy to pick up! No license necessary, but there are also plenty of hidden techniques for those who want to master the valet profession. There are over twenty levels in various locations including cliffsides, city streets, airports, bowling alleys, and more!

Overcooked fans are likely to enjoy this Switch timed exclusive coming early next year.

Source: Nintendo Indie World Showcase 12.15.20


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