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Relaxing Minecraft Mod For Gardeners Out Now

Is your garden in Animal Crossing: New Horizons perfect? Or maybe you’ve already grown every plant in Stardew Valley? If you are looking for a new garden to tame and already have a copy of Minecraft on your Switch then download the new gardening mod, Bloom!

Aptly named, Bloom is all about gardening and flowers. It’s also free of enemies so garden stress-free knowing that no creeper will sneak up behind you and destroy all your hard work. I am really loving this hedge maze style garden and am excited to see what sort of plants can be unlocked.

Bloom is part of the Minecraft Community Celebration and only one of many freely available downloadable content.

“Bloom is a world full of flowers and plants that you have complete control of. We were really inspired by the existing plants in Minecraft, the idea of growing, and we wanted to expand on that and see where we can take it. You ask yourself, what makes a plant a plant? There’s life, there’s water. You look at the physical characteristics like greens and bright flowers of all different colors. It was really important for me to reflect that in the art.”


Source: Minecraft Twitter Page


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