One Piece Chapter 1000 – Summary anticipation

The One Piece chapter 1000 entitled “Strawhat Luffy ” and sees Luffy coming against Sicilian with his companions who had cleared the way for him. Meanwhile, Momonosuke is handed...

Dec 28 · >

Dragon ball super episode 65 – Earthling son Goku Review

Goku’s consolation towards Moro is the bigger mistake on chapter 65 now planet earth is at stake! Goku stood...

Oct 21 · >

Dragon Ball Super Manga Episode 64 Review

The perfect version of Ultra Instinct.As Merus said, it’s much stronger than the silver hair I had seen when...

Oct 16 · >

Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 63 and 64 Release Date

Chapter 63 is estimated to release on same date 20th of every month, The last eleven chapters of the manga...

Aug 3 · >

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