The 50 best mods in GTA V

Make Los Santos hyperrealistic ( download)

This mod will allow us to have the city of Los Santos very realistic, as if it were even a new next-generation game.

GtaV hyper realistic

Become Iron Man ( download )

We can enter an Iron Man suit as if we were in the movies, with propellers included.

Return to Vice City ( download )

We will be able to revisit this fictional Miami in GTA V with a beautiful makeover with crystal clear waters and brilliant sunset.

As if we were in Blade Runner ( download)

If you are a lover of Blade Runner or cities with many neon lights, you are going to love this modification.

Triggering a tsunami ( download)

If you are tired of Los Santos you can also cause a tsunami and be able to visit the city underwater.

Everything much more realistic ( download)

We are not talking about the graphic environment, but about the behavior of the police, pedestrians, cars or the traffic lights themselves.

Turn airplane pilots into psychopaths ( download )

Now you must look at the sky more than once before crossing the street, in case an airplane falls on you.

Just Cause Gadgets ( download )

If you like Just Cause you can always count on a series of similar gadgets in GTA V.

From a policeman’s perspective ( download)

Detailed police missions will be offered, and you will also have exclusive weapons and vehicles for law enforcement officers. Now you will have to go hunting other types of baddies.

Go to jail ( download )

If you always wanted to go to jail in GTA V and you have never succeeded, you will love this modification.

A cannon to fire vehicles ( download)

As ridiculous as that, a cannon that shoots vehicles through the air for you to see them fly through the sky and then fall and smash to the ground.

Carmageddon ( download)

Here any car within a reasonable distance to the character will explode at the right time.

Being able to enter the interiors ( download )

Thanks to this mod we will be able to enter the interiors of the buildings, something that cannot be done in the original title.

Zombie Apocalypse ( download)

This modification turns the title into a survival game where users must survive in Los Santos full of zombies and where we must also build shelters.

Better physics engine ( download )

If GTA V’s physics never convinced you, this mod improves them to much more realistic levels.

Feel like the Hulk ( download)

If you want to have special powers like those of the green mass, you can always install this mod to be able to destroy Los Santos.

Your new luxury mansion ( download )

If you want to have a luxury mansion with an airport included and with a high degree of security, you will love the one you have in this mod.

A kind of bullet time ( download )

If you want to feel like Matrix in a kind of bullet time, here you have it.

The radio always with you ( download)

Thanks to this mod you can use the radio even outside a vehicle, so you never miss a beat.

Your mobile is a grenade ( download)

If you want to launch mobile phones that are actually grenades.

Another realistic view of the scenarios ( download)

Another option you have to make Los Santos much more realistic.

After Hours Update ( download)

It is the content of this update aimed at online mode but to be used in the main single player narrative.

Realistic damage system ( download )

If you are shot, not only will you be injured, but your muscles will also begin to fail and you will bleed to death.

As if you were in Call of Duty ( download )

This modification includes confrontations of 20 against 20 players with military themes involved.

Everything much more complex ( download)

Thanks to this modification, 100 unique character skins, 55 abilities, and the possibility of raising the character’s level are added, investing up to 1500 hours.

Let’s go to space ( download )

It is about bringing the experience of the game into space, in a completely unique setting with several planets to discover.

Gang system ( download )

Arguably, it adds the gang system we’ve seen in the legendary San Andreas in GTA V.

A new game in London ( download)

This mod tries to bring the entire GTA V experience to a new city in the form of London.

As if you were in a Dragon Ball title ( download )

You can become a super hero, and be flying through the sky with special abilities that will sound like a very particular manganime.

Fun Vehicles ( Download)

If you are tired of normal vehicles, you can always install this modification to see vehicles never before imagined.

New headquarters ( download )

A new set of headquarters will be enabled to hide your character.

Pokémon-style ( download)

The character will be able to throw pokeballs as if he were in Pokémon Go, but may not capture creatures.

The army for you ( download)

When you reach the five stars the army will get down to work to finish you off.

The Ghost Rider ( download)

Just as if you were in the aforementioned movie, you can become the ghost rider himself.

An alien ship ( download )

With this modification you can transform the city’s airship into a kind of spaceship.

A new island ( download )

You can visit a completely new island on the map to take your adventures there.

Become a machinist ( download)

You can earn a career as a railway engineer, and take control of the trains to Todos Los Santos.

Additional garages ( download)

More than a dozen new garages are added to the entire mapping.

The fantastic car ( download )

Now you can have your own fantastic car to do tours in Los Santos.

New statues around the city ( download )

You will see that the city council has placed dozens of new statues that you can visit as a good tourist.

Much more realistic crime ( download)

This way you can commit murders with impunity if no witness sees you, which will be much more realistic since the police will not come unless someone sees you first.

Truck missions ( download)

You will be able to have a new trucker job to carry out different missions around the map.

An uncontrolled city ( download)

It seems that now many pedestrians in Los Santos have gone crazy and carry weapons on them.

Restaurants with fast food ( download )

If you find few restaurants in the game, you can always add a few new ones.

Entering other people’s vehicles ( download)

Instead of stealing vehicles, you can always enter other people’s vehicles without the need to drive them out.

Fuel ( download )

To make the playable experience much more realistic, you can always add the possibility of fueling vehicles.

More realistic vehicles ( download)

You can take control of various technical aspects of each of the vehicles.

Gravitational weapon for vehicles ( download )

With this new gravitational weapon you can launch vehicles through the air.

Flying I’m going ( download)

This mod gives you the power to fly through the sky without having to steal a plane first.

Shoot vehicles ( download )

You can replace your weapon’s bullets with your own vehicles. Yes, you can shoot vehicles.

Icy lands ( download )

During a part of the narrative you get to an area that is a town with a lot of snow, because you can visit it again.

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