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Xbox Series X and Series S Restocks: When, where, and how to purchase Microsoft’s new game consoles

Xbox Series X and Series S Restocks: When, where, and how to purchase Microsoft’s new game consoles

It’s time for a new gaming console generation, so you know what that means… time to hopelessly try to get a new console! Like most new generational launches, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is difficult to find, and many are left waiting for seconds-long Xbox Series X and S restocks. It’s a frustrating situation for sure, and while we can’t offer you a surefire way to get an Xbox Series X or Series S, we can help by gathering everything you need to know in one place. Check out the below and happy hunting!

By the way, we also have a restock guide for the PlayStation 5!

When and where will the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S be restocked?

While we believe the information below is accurate, it’s important to note that sometimes restocks don’t happen as planned. Restocks may go up late, websites may break, or retailers may just change their minds. This information is to help you plan as much as possible for possible restocks.

Stock for the new Xbox series of systems seems to be doing a bit better than the PlayStation 5, but it’s still difficult to grab one. However, with Black Friday coming up soon, some retailers are stating they’ll have limited restocks. Best Buy, for example, said they would have the Xbox Series X|S consoles in on Sunday, November 22, but unfortunately didn’t give a time for the restock. Walmart, on the other hand, promises a restock on Wednesday, November 25 at 7 PM EST. If the latest restock from them is any indicator, it’ll run out really, really quick.

Microsoft generally also sells their consoles directly, but they appear to be out of stock now, with only a “find a retailer” option available.

As for Amazon? In the US, Amazon likes to drop stock randomly and without warning. Appreciate it, Amazon.

General advice for restocks

Trying to get your hands on something with limited stock is really, really stressful. Make sure to give yourself the best chance you can by following the advice below!

  • Make sure you have an account at the store, and all personal information is updated. Restocks of popular items like the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S put huge strains on websites. On top of that, when it comes to items like these, retailers will only allow you to hold it in your cart for a few minutes. Don’t waste your chance trying to update your address or payment information!
  • Start refreshing the page early. Often, retailers won’t put stock up at EXACTLY the moment they say. It may be a few minutes early or late. Get to the store page of the item you want before the restock time. You might get lucky!
  • Use Ctrl+F5, not just F5. This gives you a hard refresh, that doesn’t pull store information from the cache. So, you won’t get outdated information and will be able to see the “Buy” button as soon as possible!
  • It’s usually better to be on the computer, rather than your phone. While that is not always the case, mobile websites aren’t always optimized for fast refreshing. Or optimized for mobile viewing at all, sometimes. However, sometimes you can have better luck on a mobile app than a browser site. It’s not very often, though, so it’s best to start trying with your computer browser, first.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Sstore Links

Don’t waste time and effort searching for store links when going for an Xbox Series X restock. We’ve gathered all the potential US retailers and the store pages you need below!

Xbox Series X links, online-only:

Xbox Series X links, in-store only:

Xbox Series X links, membership required:

Xbox Series S links, online-only:

Xbox Series S links, in-store only:

Xbox Series S links, membership required:

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