Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats for PS4 and Xbox One


How to activate the tricks?


  • To enter these tricks you have to go to the Pause menu , Settings section , and access the cheat menu .
  • In this same menu, we will display the keyboard, and we will have to write a code to unlock the different tricks.
  • Be careful, it is very important to know that for some of these tricks to work you need to have bought a series of newspapers , which you will unlock by completing various points in the story and you can acquire them in the cities. We can see the newspaper vendor icon on the map.
  • Once we have used a code, they will be available in the cheat menu list , and you will not have to enter the code again.
List of cheats and keys in Red Dead 2

Below we will show you the list with all the tricks , their advantages and bonuses and the requirements to be able to use them , since if they are not fulfilled, they may not work.

Remember that the combination of the upper and lower case does not matter so you can enter them as you like.

MONEY Cheats (New)

Add $ 500: You will receive $ 500 each time you activate this trick.Greed is now a virtueNone.

Weapon Cheats

Infinite Ammo: You get unlimited ammo and bulletsAbundance is the dullest desireNewspaper: Purchased in Chapter 2 , after completing quest: “Heading East.”
Basic Weapons: Basic weapons are added to inventoryA simple life, a beautiful deathNone.
Heavy Weapons – You get Pump-Action Shotgun, Bolt Rifle, Mauser Pistol, and Semi-Automatic Pistol.Greed is American VirtueNewspaper: Purchased in Chapter 3 after completing “Hunting for the Magician.”
Silent Weapons: You get stealth weapons (machete, throwing knives, tomahawk).Death is silenceNone.
Gunslinger Weapons: Get a double barreled shotgun and double action revolver.History is written by foolsNone.

Health, Stamina and Skills Cheats (New Added)

Increase the bars of health, resistance and Dead Eye: will increase the level of all your bars.Seek all the bounty of this placeNone.
Infinite Stamina – You get unlimited stamina for you and your horseThe Lucky be strong evermoreNewspaper: Purchased in Chapter 5 , after the quest: “Dear Uncle Tacitus.”
Health, stamina, and Dead Eye to the max – fully fill all barsYou flourish before you dieNone.
Fortify health, stamina and Dead Eye: Restore and fortify all barsYou Seek More Than The World OffersNewspaper: Purchased in Chapter 6 , after the quest: “The King’s Son.”
Dead Eye level 1: Set the Dead Eye level to 1.Guide me betterNone.
Dead Eye level 2: Set Dead Eye level to 2.Make me betterNone.
Dead Eye level 3: You raise the Dead Eye skill to level 3.I shall be betterNone.
Dead Eye level 4: You raise the skill of Dead Eye to level 4.I still seek moreNone.
Dead Eye level 5: You raise the Dead Eye skill to level 5.I seek and I findNone.
Unlimited Dead Eye: Dead Eye does n’t run out.Be greedy only for foresightNone.

Horse Tricks

Increase whistle range: You can call your horse however far you are.Better than my dogNone.
Carriage: Makes a buggy appear.Keep your dreams lightNone.
Chariot with horse: Makes a caravan appear.Keep your dreams simpleNone.
Race Horse – Spawn a race horseRun! Run! Run!None.
War Horse: Brings up a work horseYou are a beast built for warNewspaper: Purchase upon completion of Epilogue 1 , after quest: “The Wheel.”
Circus Chariot: Brings up a circus chariotWould you be happier as a clown?Newspaper: Purchase upon completion of Epilogue 1 , after quest: “The Landowner Classes”
Best Horse: Spawn a White Arabian Horse (from the best horses )You want more than you haveNone.
Bring up random horse: A random horse will appear.You want something newNone.
Increase bond with horses: Increase bond with all the horses you haveMy kingdom is a horseNone.
Bringing Stagecoach: By activating the cheat a stagecoach will appear.The best of the old waysNone.

Honor cheats and quest levels

Increase honor: Increase the honor index.Virtue Unearned is not virtueNewspaper: Purchased in Chapter 4 after completing the quest: “Urban Delights.”
Reduce Honor: Honor will be reduced to the maximum.You revealed a your disgrace, I seeNone.
Reset Honor: Honor is reset to a neutral pointBalance. All Is BalanceNone.
Increase search level: Increase the level of searches.You want punishmentNone.
Reduce the level of Search: the level of search is reducedYou want freedomNone.
Remove all rewards and confinement zones – makes law enforcement stop searching for you.You want everyone to go awayNone.

Various tricks (outfits, effects, camping …)

Get drunk : The character acts as if he were drunk.A fool on commandNone.
You get all the outfits and outfitsVanity. All is VanityNone.
Reveal Map: Reveal the entire map before discovering itYou long for sight and see nothingNewspaper: Purchased in Chapter 4 after completing the quest: “The Pleasures of Civilization.”
Learn all recipes: You will have all the creation recipes.Eat of KnowledgeNone.
You get all the camp upgrades from the account book and increase maximum supply levels.CompartirNone.
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