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Dragon Ball Super – Manga 88 Black Frieza

Dragon Ball Super manga is almost entirely the work of Toyotaro, Akira Toriyama’s right-hand man, and there are a couple...

Sep 28 · >

Florida Man Comic hits Shops Around the World Just in Time for Summer!

As American Mythology Productions celebrates their 5 Year Anniversary, the upstart publisher will tickle the funny bones of every...

Sep 28 · >

One piece 1044: Oda Just went Crazy with manga

The best episode so far One piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda that...

Mar 26 · >

The Surprising Truth About Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 81.

The Dragon Ball Super manga is hiding something. Gas has explained that Bardock had something special that he doesn’t see...

Feb 26 · >

One Piece is all About?

Wealth Fame Power

Dec 3 · >

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Gas’s Wish!

As Monite talks about the flashback scene, the battle between Granola and Goku ends without a conclusion.The oil that...

Nov 20 · >

Dragon Ball Super: Bardock and Cerealian past?

Chapter 77 of the Dragon Ball Super manga is now available in the Manga Plus website. Learn how Bardock participated...

Oct 21 · >

Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta recognizes Bardock in chapter 77 of the manga

Dragon Ball has taken a surprising turn in history. Bardock has returned to action more than 40 years after his...

Oct 21 · >

Dragon Ball Super Manga 76 Burdock past is revealed?

Last time, in the Dragon Ball super manga chapter 75 Vegeta was down and in a punch, but it...

Sep 22 · >

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