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Ryuma Shimotsuki: From Wano Legend to “Monsters: Dragon Hell” – Everything You Need to Know

Ryuma Shimotsuki, a mysterious samurai who has captivated the curiosity of viewers. Eiichiro Oda, the ingenious mind behind “One Piece,” delighted fans with a belated Christmas present – the release of “Monsters: The Dragon’s Hell” (“Monsters: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation” in English), a prequel to his epic masterpiece.

Premiering on January 21, 2024, on Netflix, this series is based on the one-shot manga titled “Monsters,” a gem released by the Japanese creator back in 1994. Let’s delve into what you need to know about the protagonist of this exciting new anime.

Watch the “Monsters: Dragon’s Hell” trailer here before we explore further.

  1. Ryuma Shimotsuki: The God of the Sword Ryuma Shimotsuki, known as the God of the Sword, hails from Wano Country and is a distinguished member of the Shimotsuki family. Renowned for his exceptional sword-handling skills, Ryuma’s legacy unfolds in the rich background of “One Piece.” His story, narrated in the one-shot “Monsters,” predates the main manga’s events by four hundred years, adding depth to the series.
  2. Key Details about Ryuma Shimotsuki
    • Name: Ryūma Shimotsuki
    • Nicknames: Ryuma de King, God of the Sword
    • Place of origin: Wano Country
    • Race: Human – Zombie
    • Position: General Zombie, Samurai
    • Family: Shimotsuki
    • Affiliations: Thriller Bark Pirates
  3. Ryuma in “One Piece” Ryuma Shimotsuki also makes an appearance in “One Piece,” notably in the Thriller Bark arc. Introduced as a Zombie General facing off against the Straw Hat Pirates, his zombie version plays a significant role in the storyline. Despite his demise, Ryuma’s legacy lives on through the sword he passes on to Roronoa Zoro.
  4. Resemblance to Zoro Ryuma’s elegant samurai persona bears a resemblance to the beloved Zoro, with both engaging in an intense battle during the Thriller Bark arc. Ryuma, acknowledging defeat with samurai chivalry, passes on his special sword, the Meitou Shusui, to Zoro. This act of generosity adds a layer of complexity to their connection.
  5. Shusui: The Exceptional Sword Ryuma’s sword, the Shusui, is one of the 21 O Wazamono, a category of High Grade swords in the world of “One Piece.” Distinguished by its black edge and a flower-shaped protector, the Shusui is a rare and coveted weapon with unique attributes that set it apart.
  6. Haki User Ryuma Shimotsuki showcases his mastery by utilizing the busoshoku haki, a special form of haki that envelops him in an invisible armor. Notably, he applies this technique to his sword, permanently transforming the Shusui into a formidable weapon.

Conclusion: As “Monsters: The Dragon’s Hell” unfolds, the enigmatic Ryuma Shimotsuki takes center stage, weaving a captivating tale that adds layers to the “One Piece” universe. Dive into this prequel and witness the legacy of a legendary samurai unfold before your eyes. The adventure has just begun!

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