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The Surprising Truth About Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 81.

The Dragon Ball Super manga is hiding something. Gas has explained that Bardock had something special that he doesn’t see...

Feb 26 · >

One Piece is all About?

Wealth Fame Power

Dec 3 · >

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Gas’s Wish!

As Monite talks about the flashback scene, the battle between Granola and Goku ends without a conclusion.The oil that...

Nov 20 · >

Dragon Ball Super: Bardock and Cerealian past?

Chapter 77 of the Dragon Ball Super manga is now available in the Manga Plus website. Learn how Bardock participated...

Oct 21 · >

Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta recognizes Bardock in chapter 77 of the manga

Dragon Ball has taken a surprising turn in history. Bardock has returned to action more than 40 years after his...

Oct 21 · >

Dragon Ball Super Manga 76 Burdock past is revealed?

Last time, in the Dragon Ball super manga chapter 75 Vegeta was down and in a punch, but it...

Sep 22 · >

Dragon Ball Super Manga: Ultra Ego Vegeta and Awakening Granola

This is a review of the latest episode of the manga version of Dragon Ball Super. The October issue...

Aug 19 · >

Finally vegeta gets new Transformation: DBS manga chapter 74

Dragon Ball super manga 74 story was particularly interesting. I was also good at portraying and dividing frames in...

Jul 25 · >

Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta’s new transformation

Kakaroto, for his part, learned the technique of the angels, the Ultra Instinct, in his adventures through space. While Vegeta,...

Jul 21 · >

“Demon Slayer” signification of the colors of each of the swords

The Nichiren swords in “Demon Slayer” are different because they are made with special materials. In addition, they are left...

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