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“Demon Slayer” signification of the colors of each of the swords

Demon slayer

The Nichiren swords in “Demon Slayer” are different because they are made with special materials. In addition, they are left under the sunlight for a year to absorb the energy and thus be able to hurt the Demons.

The Nichiren swords in ” Demon Slayer “ are different because they are made with special materials; also, because the smith adapts to the techniques and comfort of the demon slayer to get the perfect sword that represents the wielder. But this is not all, when they are handed over to their owner, they change color depending on the qualities of the person, and show what their Breathing Technique could be, and even predict future events.

But why do they change color? The main reason is that they are created with minerals such as Scarlet Crimson Sand and Scarlet Crimson Ore (Scarlet Crimson Sand and Scarlet Crimson Mineral) found in Sunlight Mountain. In addition, they are left under the sunlight for a whole year to absorb the energy and thus be able to hurt the Demons. Next, get to know the different colors, what they represent and their respective owner.



The white sword symbolizes the mist, its owner is Muichiro Tokito , a Hashira and the Pillar of Mist of the Demon Slayer Corps. Tokito has a calm temperament. His technique, distraction and eccentric personality are aptly represented by the color white.


This sword color symbolizes the stone. Unlike traditional Nichirin swords, Gyomei Himejima , the Stone Pillar, wields a gray-colored ax with a spiked flail attached to the hilt via a long chain.


Zenitsu Agatsuma wields a yellow Nichirin blade, symbolizing thunder. The most interesting aspect of the weapon is that while most take on their color completely, in Zenitsu’s case, a solid yellow band runs the length of his sword, forming a lightning bolt.

Indigo gray

This unique color symbolizes a beast. Inosuke Hashibara practices Breath of the Beast and wields two splintered indigo gray swords, embodying the animal nature of his personality: short temper, pride, and the inherent need to fight the strong.


The pink color of the sword symbolizes love. This colored sheet is used by Mitsuri Kanroji , one of the Hashira who practices the Breath of Love style. Mitsuri combines his passion and courage in facing demons.

light pink

A light pink leaf symbolizes flowers. It is run by both Kanae Kocho and her sister Kanao Tsuyurii . His style often relies on speed and reflexes, allowing for very little presence in battle.


The green colored sword symbolizes the wind and is wielded by Sanemi Shinazugawa . Sanemi’s rude and dismissive behavior is like the wind that refuses to bow to anyone.


Kyojuro Rengoku wields a red blade that symbolizes the flame. The color red quite accurately captures your personality. Kyojuro can bring down raging flames on his worst enemies, and like Zenitsu, his sword takes the form of fire along his sword.


The color blue symbolizes water. Giyu Tomioka , the Pillar of Water, wields this sword. His use of the Breath of Water, accompanied by his fluid and calm personality, makes this the perfect color for his weapon.

lavender blue

It represents the Breath of the Insect, created by the Pillar of the Insect, Shinobu Kocho . It is a color that reflects very well the combat style that the wearer wanted to achieve, to be fast and lethal.


The main character, Tanjiro Kamado , wields a black sword, and like any other protagonist, his weapon is truly special. Nichirin’s black swords are very rare, and because of that, the symbolism behind them is practically unknown.

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