How to Run a Process in the Background with TMUX

There are times when you need to log off your Linux Desktop, and you want a process to run in the background. 
TMUX manages this very well.

For this example, let's suppose you're running a long-running task like running `rspecs` on your project and
it is 5pm, and you need to go home.

## Run Your Process

### 1. First launch TMUX

$ tmux

### 2. Run your long-running process

$ bundle exec rspec spec

### 3. Detach from TMUX

Simply press `[CTRL]+[b]`, then `[d]`. This will detach your session from TMUX

### 4. Log off

Now you can simply log off

## Return to your session

When you return to your desktop, open a terminal and simply run:

$ tmux attach


$ tmux a

This will attach to your detached TMUX session. 

## Other Helpful Hints:

* **Create a new tab:** `[CTRL]+[b], [c]`
* **Switch to tab number:** `[CTRL]+[b], <number>`
* **Enable Scrolling up / Page up:** `[CTRL]+[b], [`

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