What to expect from the GTA 6 Map: Rumors vs. Reality?


The eagerly awaited GTA 6 has been a topic of speculation and anticipation among gaming enthusiasts. One of the key aspects fans are curious about is the map and its various areas. Based on rumors, leaks, and the trailer, several exciting details have emerged regarding the different zones players can expect in GTA 6.

Three Main Zones

The map created by DuPz0r indicates three major settlements in Florida: Vice City, Port Gellhorn, and Homestead. Vice City is expected to be the central hub, with Port Gellhorn serving as an industrial zone and Homestead as a smaller town to the south. The trailer has also hinted at other key locations, such as Leonida, further adding to the intrigue of the game’s setting.

Interior Airport

GTA airports have typically been located by the sea, but Rockstar seems keen on making the new airport in GTA 6 more realistic. Speculations suggest that the airport will be modeled after Miami International Airport, located inland and more extensive than previous GTA airports.

Supposed GTA 6 Map According to Rumors and Leaks

One of the most exciting rumors is the inclusion of more islands than ever before. While GTA games have featured islands, Vice City in GTA 6 could consist of many more islands, similar to real-life Miami, which boasts several islands like Venetian Islands and Star Island. Additionally, a location inspired by the Florida Keys could feature an archipelago, adding to the map’s diversity.

Huge Lake

There is speculation about a large lake in GTA 6, potentially larger than the Alamo Sea in GTA 5. If Rockstar decides to imitate Florida’s geography, the lake in GTA 6 could be based on Okeechobee Lake.

The Everglades Swamps

The trailer for GTA 6 hints at a huge swampy region in the extreme south of the map, likely inspired by Florida’s Everglades. This region could offer a unique and challenging terrain for players to explore and navigate.



Will GTA 6 feature a realistic depiction of Miami?

Yes, rumors suggest that GTA 6’s map will closely resemble real-life Miami, including major landmarks and geographical features.

Can players expect more islands in GTA 6?

Yes, speculation indicates that GTA 6 will feature more islands, especially around Vice City, resembling the real-life archipelago of Miami.

Is the inclusion of the Everglades swamps confirmed in GTA 6?

While not officially confirmed, the trailer strongly suggests the presence of the Everglades swamps in GTA 6.

Are there any new settlements in GTA 6?

Yes, according to leaks and the trailer, GTA 6 will feature new settlements like Port Gellhorn and Homestead.

When can players expect GTA 6 to be released?

Rockstar Games has not announced an official release date for GTA 6 yet, but rumors suggest it could be in development.


The details surrounding the map of GTA 6, including the three main zones, the airport, islands, lake, and swamps, paint an exciting picture of what players can expect. While much is still speculation, the hints from leaks and the trailer suggest that GTA 6 will offer a diverse and immersive gaming experience.

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