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Dragon Ball Super Manga: Ultra Ego Vegeta and Awakening Granola

This is a review of the latest episode of the manga version of Dragon Ball Super. The October issue of V Jump has been released. The release date is August 19, 2021.

Vegeta with the power of the God of Destruction

Source V Jump Dragon Ball Super Shueisha

Vegeta awakens to the power of destruction and overwhelms Granola. Granola is beaten, kicked, and bumped, but regains her posture and fights back. It’s pretty sticky.

Vegeta seems to become stronger the more he burns his fighting spirit. Vegeta deliberately eats Granola’s bullet attacks many times. I am happy that it is a good stimulus. Granola seems to think that Vegeta gets stronger the more it takes damage.

Granola can do little against this version of Vegeta. so while taking a breath, seek to converse to discover the nature of this power.

“Why don’t you dodge? Is your technique not like that of the other type ”, says the Cerelian, noting that the Saiyan is not as fast as Goku but quite the opposite: extremely resistant.

“Kakaroto’s Ultra Instinct? Don’t compare it to that boring technique I am egotistical. You can call it Mega instinct, he says while raising his ki.

Break up with the oat mill! ??

Granola is regrettable that she seems to lose to her Saiyans instead of Frieza. Vegeta tells Granola that her home planet, Vegeta, has been destroyed by Frieza. Amazing granola.

Automill speaks to Granola. Saiyans were also victims of Frieza, and two more Saiyans didn’t know about the serial star.

Granola replies that there is no reason to stop revenge. He threw away his goggles with the automill that was trying to stop his revenge.

Ultra Ego Instinct Vegeta VS Granola

Source V Jump Dragon Ball Super Shueisha

Granola with his red right eye exposed. It is the same with Granola that the more you fight, the stronger you become.

One of the reasons why he can’t beat Vegeta, he says that he will make up for the lack of combat experience here, and he will fight with Vegeta. They hit each other without avoiding attacks.

Vegeta, who was originally overly damaged, is about to reach its limit. Granola seems to be doing well.
Goku is self-healing with his mind on his chest.

The battle with Granola has not been settled yet. Vegeta is chasing damage, but there are still senzu.
Goku is recovering on his own. It seems that the battle will continue.

Thumbnail Credits [twitter@darkhans0]

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