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Dragon Ball Super: Bardock and Cerealian past?


Chapter 77 of the Dragon Ball Super manga is now available in the Manga Plus website. Learn how Bardock participated in the invasion of the planet Cereal.

Those who follow the Dragon Ball Super manga know that Granola has become the most powerful warrior in universe 7 thanks to the wish for Ultimate Shen Long. This saga comes just after the Tournament of Power, after having hired Goku and Vegeta to eliminate the Cerelian.

In chapter 76, we saw that the character was about to eliminate the Saiyans but Monite intervened to explain that they were not enemies but were of the same race as the character who saved their life.

That’s where chapter 77 of the manga begins, which is already available on the Manga Plus website. Monite remembers that the two races lived in peace on the planet before Frieza’s army arrived.

They were really very few and there was no major resistance. Despite this, the deranged villains eliminated all but three: Granola’s mother, the Cerelian himself, and Monite.

What was Bardock’s role in the invasion of the planet Cereal?

Goku’s father came across a Cerelian who was protecting a baby. This situation reminded him that Gine is waiting for him at home with his new son: Kakaroto. At the moment, the protagonist is still in an incubator.

They are escorted to where Monite is to hide them before leaving. Of course, we don’t know more about this Dragon Ball Super subplot. Granola’s mother did not survive as she was eliminated by Heaters.

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