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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Gas’s Wish!

As Monite talks about the flashback scene, the battle between Granola and Goku ends without a conclusion.
The oil that was being scouted also conveyed that fact to the Eleks.


Elek speculates that Monite did something extra. Gas suggests going kill immediately. Elek directs Gas and Maki to Granola. Then Elek intends to grant his wish with a Dragon Ball alone.

Elek “Gas, I’m sure your wish will come true.” Elek says, but gas seems to be reluctant.

On the other hand, Granola is surprised to learn that it was Elek of the Heater Army who killed her mother!
Granola worked as a bounty hunter under the Heater Army, so she was furious at Monite when she knew why she didn’t stop!

Monite replies that this was the only way to survive. I regret the fact that Granola was used well by the Heater Army.What is worrisome is the whereabouts of the battle between Gas and Bardock. According to Monite, Bardock won.

According to Vegeta, Bardock is a low-ranking warrior. Was the gas that lost to such a bardock weak? According to Monite, it was ridiculously strong. At that moment, the sky suddenly darkened. Elek called Thrombo.


In the past, the character had already been defeated by Bardock but now he is almost unstoppable. His appearance has changed: from having the body of a child, now he has grown and has muscles.

On the other hand, Toyotaro reveals the true nature of his power. In addition to having a lot of physical strength, Gas has the ability to mold his ki to create bladed weapons. He even manages to catch Goku with extremely heavy cubes

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Some would think Vegeta is really competitive and selfish, but Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 78 shows us otherwise. When Gas becomes the strongest fighter, Goku and Vegeta decide that it is the latter who will consume the remaining hermit seed.

The prince flies towards his armor to find the seed but instead of eating it he decides that there is a warrior among them who can face the member of Heata’s army.

“ If you eat it you will regain your strength. Hurry up, ”Vegeta explains to Granola. ” Then if you had eaten before … You would have won me …! ”, Replies the latter.

Vegeta closes the episode with the following words: ” Do you think I can do something so cowardly? They are your enemies, right? Then finish this with your bare hands! ”.

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