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Dragon Ball Super Manga: First Angle to get Erased – 63

In the Dragon ball super manga chapter 63 merus throws a huge blast atom but it doesn’t work. merus appears right ahead of morrow’s face and as merus appears before him he punches the massive stone to the moro head which breaks and therefore the moro falls on rock bottom.

Then the merus simply starts disappearing and dwindling in pieces he looks at goku and he also features a smile on his face and disappears.

We may be seeing the primary death of an angel, but also a friend of goku’s, someone that trained with him for days and was ready to make him tap into ultra instinct at will.

And now he has got to pay the worth he’s dying, being erased with no chance of returning because he’s an angel. Not even the Dragon Ball can bring this man back. He fades into a fine mist and Goku is left standing in shock…

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