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Dragon ball super episode 65 – Earthling son Goku Review

Goku’s consolation towards Moro is the bigger mistake on chapter 65 now planet earth is at stake!

Source: Dragon Ball Super Comic Volume 14 Shueisha

Goku stood next to Krillin picking up senzu before I knew it. Krillin was also surprised at this. moves at high speed near Moro. Goku tells Moro that he will help him if he returns to the Galactic Prison, so promise that he will never run away.

Moro “Ah … oh. I promise. I won’t do this anymore.” Goku throws senzu to Moro.

Moro who ate senzu with half confidence and was completely revived.
Also regenerates broken horns. I was surprised that it was far superior to the recovery ability of Seven Three.

Goku reminds us that he will keep his promise. However, Moro smiles and charges at goku with his left fist. Goku remains standing without changing his complexion. It was as if I had expected Moro’s actions.

and Goes on…. Moro – regained his powers and even copied Merus’ techniques after eating a senzuseed, which was delivered by Goku. Yes, so the fight continues. and Moro absorbs the planet and becomes a part of it.


Good chapter but seriously Goku senso bean really I do get why Goku is doing what he is doing but you think would learn from what happened with Freiza but guess not. Now he has to make a massive decision kill Moro and the earth and save the galaxy or take out Moro because you access to Namek dragon balls on the big ones used in the tournament of power but knowing Goku he would do something completely different so till next month to find out.

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