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Goku Finally Awakens Mastered ultra instinct – Chapter 63 Manga Review

Source Dragon Ball Super Toie Animations / Shueisha

Merus is fighting moro and dende heals goku who arrives at the battlefield again right then dende is additionally healing everyone else as goku arrives at the battlefield he taps into ultra instinct omen, and he charges directly at moro but moro defeats him again with pure ease.

After defeating goku, Moro tries to urge a hold of merus’s neck, so he could copy his abilities merus uses his angel staff to prevent it and Moro fails to repeat it using his angelic staff and thus the galactic patrol gun destroys the crystal stones that Moro had on his hands therefore the crystal of Moro has almost allowed Moro to copying anyone’s abilities.

Merus completely destroyed it after breaking the stones, he had on his hands merus powers up and thus the halo appears around him
he is on the brink of charge a Moro again but right at that instant beerus and whis reach the battlefield and merus halo appears merus somewhat becomes transparent right then he quickly charges Moro while it’s going towards him merus remembers his chat with goku in the time chamber beerus and whis did not stop him so immediately beerus and whis are finally here on earth and merus has unleashed his full angelic powers.

Merus remembered what he said to goku within the hyperbolic time chamber as he was training him and merus remembering this might make plenty of sense within the top of this chapter!

Source Dragon Ball Super Toie Animations / Shueisha

Moro throws a huge blast atom but it doesn’t work, merus appears right ahead of morrow’s face and as merus appears before him he punches the massive stone

Moro head which breaks and therefore the moro falls on rock bottom then the merus simply starts disappearing and dwindling in pieces he looks at goku and he also features a smile on his face

He says something to goku then disappears completely then after seeing everything what just happened goku is in complete shock

after merus disappears after merus gets erased out of existence and guys lastly at the highest of this manga chapter there’s an enormous panel of goku standing back from position his head down and therefore the chapter ends right there.

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