“Fast and Furious 9”: Han would have been revived by Eteon to be a spy?

There is no doubt that one of the most surprising elements of ” Furious 9 “, the ninth film in the saga of ” The Fast and Furious ” is that Han will return to the big screen. However, some theories rank him more as an enemy than an ally of Toretto and his friends.

” The Fast Saga ” follows the promise that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker once made with the first film, to have 10 films before ending the franchise. Now, with their ninth installment, they are closer than ever, and everything would indicate that they would take the betting to the next level by going into space.

Michelle Rodriguez confessed the latter in one of the most recent interviews about the film, but fans still believe that one of the riskiest events the film will present is Han’s survival from an impossible to escape an accident. Others say he would have been resurrected, raising new questions for the franchise.

But the resurrection had happened before in “Hobbs & Shaw”, so doing this does not seem so far-fetched. Considering what happened in one of the film’s antagonists, many fans have theorized that Han would be revived to confront Toretto and his friends instead of helping them.


Assuming that was indeed saved and resurrected by, it is possible that the mysterious organization is also capable of manipulating him into becoming one of their loyal agents. It’s worth noting that real identity remains unknown at this time and little is known about the company.

What is clear is that they have not finished causing havoc yet and will undoubtedly return in the future sequel to “. As well as revealing their presence in the main series of films.” On the other hand, many believe that he would also connect with, who will star in an antagonistic arc in the future of 2019.

Aside from the possibility of resurrecting and then brainwashing to be one of their loyal agents like they did with, Han also has a personal motivation to go after and his old team, an undeniable fact those even fans noticed in previous instalments.

Let’s see if this leads to interesting plot twist.

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