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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 : Vegeta will be Granola’s new rival?

Dragon Ball Super manga Upon setting foot on this new planet, the Saiyans leap into combat to defeat Granola. Of course, they did not imagine that this character was the most powerful warrior in universe 7 after his wish on Ultimate Shen Long.

As expected, Goku begins to measure his power until he forces Ultra Instinct. What Kakaroto did not tell is that the villain was not fighting but had only sent a clone

The battle between Goku and Granola has begun in earnest. I expected last time that Blue Goku hadn’t activated his ultra instinct yet, but he did.

We are guarding the attack, but each other is desperate. Furthermore, there are scenes where each other is attacked. It can be said that the strength is equal.

Dragon Ball super manga
Source V Jump Dragon Ball Super Shueisha

This time, UI Goku is activated in the blue state. After all, it seems that you can only activate it after closing your eyes. It has become strong enough to play with granola. It seems that it exceeded the granola because it was almost equal before the activation.

However, Goku is hit by a key point at the same time as he shoots Kamehameha, a decisive technique.
After all, it’s painful. Even though I surpassed Granola, I still had a crush on myself because the secret of ultra instinct in the super Saiyan state was not perfect. Granola’s key point is a one-shot deathblow, so Goku is also down.

dragon ball super manga
Source V Jump Dragon Ball Super Shueisha

Goku hasn’t fully mastered the selfishness of being a Super Saiyan, so there is room for growth in the future.

Granola uses Moro’s technique to release energy from the ground. I used to use the technique of destruction and teleportation, so it seems that I can use most of the useful techniques.

The shocking thing is that the granola that was fighting was a Clone. This was unexpected and I was surprised.

Granola, which has been given power, has suffered considerable damage, so I feel that even if I return to the main body, I will not be full of physical strength.

It is said that Granola divided her power into alter ego, but how much did she divide? Since there are two people, is it half? If it is half, the fighting power of Granola that I have been fighting until now is half of the original.
I was overwhelmed by the silver-haired Goku.

Was it about the same as the original granola if the accuracy did not drop, and it was not pierced?
I’m curious.

Introducing Vegeta with full confidence. I am confident to see Goku with silver hair completely defeated.

Vegeta should have learned only the technique of destruction, but what is the basis for herself?
The part that is different from Goku in terms of spirit is that you are trying to fight Granola with the intention of killing you. You can’t win just with that spirit.

Granola has returned to its original strength by returning the divided power. I’m really looking forward to how Vegeta will fight against such Granola.

Is Vegeta stronger than Goku with silver hair?

Dragon Ball super manga
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