Best free public DNS servers

Best public DNS servers

We leave you for what we are the four best public and free DNS servers that exist today.


Cloudflare joins the club for best free DNS as one of the fastest services we currently find. the premise of the company is simple, speed and above all, security , when browsing through its global VPN network.

Furthermore, it has recently launched an application called Faster & Safer Internet for iOS and Android that we recommend you try. It is as simple as installing the application and pressing the button to activate the DNS.

The addresses are:


It is one of the great news in our list of free DNS this year. IBM has been encouraged and has launched IBM QUAD9 that makes use of an  engine with artificial intelligence IBM X-Force and almost 20 databases protected against obstruction to our system . Ensuring security, privacy and performance. At the moment one of our favorites 🙂

The Address are:


The first is OpenDNS, which has been one of the best public DNS servers for many years and incorporates Parental Control service as standard. There is a VIP version that costs about 20 euros and that offers quite a few statistics on the use of your devices.

Their  addresses are:

DNS Google

We put it in second place because we do not like that when using it we keep track and record everything we do. Too much you already know … for him to leave another trail along the way. Completely free and that always gives very good results in both IPv4 and IPV6 .

Your IPv4 addresses :

Your IPv6 addresses :


Norton ConnectSafe DNS

Norton also offers its own DNS server that has automatic and blocked filtering based on its database. It is quite interesting because it incorporates three options to choose from:

  1. Option A: Protection against malware, phishing and fraudulent sites.
  2. Option B: Pornography.
  3. Option C: Pornography + others (gambling, suicide, drugs, alcohol…).

As you can see, these options are quite interesting. I detail the addresses they have respectively:

Option A:

Option B:

Option C:
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