Windows 11 Home vs Pro, which one to choose?


If you are wondering which Windows 11 to choose, you are in the perfect place because it compares the Home vs Pro version. Although it is a classic comparison, it is still interesting to see what each version offers us to find out which one interests us the most.

Windows 11 Home features:

The Home version of Windows has always been focused for home use , so its functions were always the most basic. It is also true that Microsoft compensated with a more attractive price to attract less demanding families and users.

What does Windows 11 Home offer ? Microsoft tells us and it is summarized in the following:

  • Device encryption, which can be activated or not.
  • Device registration (Bluetooth or wireless) to be able to find them.
  • Internet, network and firewall protection for malware and ransomware .
  • Parental control and family Microsoft accounts.
  • Windows Hello.

We know that Microsoft will reward the loyalty of Windows 10 users by offering them the upgrade to Windows 11 Home for free.

Windows 11 Pro extra added features

As expected, Windows 11 Pro will have everything that the Home version has, but adding more specific functions. It is a version focused on professionals , so it includes several additional features that we will see only here.

What additional functions do we find? The following:

  • BitLocker’s encryption. It already existed in Windows 10 Pro, and it is an interesting option to encrypt our pen drive or external drive so that, if it is lost, it cannot be accessed. It is a “basic” encryption, and it is not the most cutting-edge on the market, but it is not offered by Windows 11 Home.
  • WIP (Windows Information Protection) protection. It is an additional protection to applications and data that are usually stored on company computers, thus preventing leakage of intellectual property or other data.
  • Assigned access. This allows that, depending on the user, different apps can be executed and separate and secure identities are maintained.
  • Dynamic provisioning. It is a simplification of the process of “professionalization” of the team.
  • Roaming with Azure. This is interesting for the technological world, IT sector, allowing roaming with an Azure AD Premium license. Thus, it is possible to reduce the configuration time of a new device.
  • Windows Server. Basically, we can manage a set of PCs, user accounts or groups to gain access to certain files or printers. In this sense, the Windows 11 Home vs Pro comparison makes it clearer that this version is purely professional.
  • Microsoft Store for Business.
  • Windows Update for Business. Updates are super important in the business world, especially when there are vulnerabilities and security patches are required. In this way, Microsoft offers a differential service and allows us to reduce the cost of having to update all the equipment and be aware of this.
  • Windows 11 Pro Education. It contains many of the features that come in Windows 11 Pro, but may be disabled by default.
  • Windows 11 Enterprise. It is the business edition par excellence of Windows 11, which has almost all the functions of the Pro version and adds new features especially focused on IT companies.
  • Windows 11 Pro for Workstations. Designed for continuous high-performance and heavy tasks, being a version that fits for true work machines powered by high-level hardware.

The Pro version is usually much more expensive than the Home for more than obvious reasons. Another very different thing is to know if we are interested or not.


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