Email scams about cancer raw materials be alert!


Hello and pleasant greetings! I hope this message finds you in Good Health. I am Dr Rosemary, from the United States I work with fortify life therapeutics situated in Washington DC as head of department.

My organization is in short supply of a raw material which is immediately required for the research and manufacturing of cancer vaccines and medications which Is applied in the use for cancer treatment for cancer patients across the globe.

The reason for this shortage is as a result of the sudden and unfortunate passing away of the main supplier of the raw material from India who was Mr Rajaram in a fatal automobile car crash. He was buying this raw material and supplying it to our company in a bulk quantity of 800 to 900 liters.

Now our company doesn’t know the exact source of this raw material which is in a place called Himachal Pradesh in India due to the nature of his transaction arrangement with our company. Today however, as a matter of urgency and a race against time to save lives I stumbled over his receipts in our company records department, which unraveled a startling discovery that he was purchasing this material from the local manufacturer at a cheaper rate and supplying to our company at a higher and much more profitable rate

We will split the profit from this transaction in the ratio of 70% to 0%. You will get to keep 70%, and I will travel down to your country to meet with you and have a celebratory meeting with you and receive my 30%. If you are business oriented and interested in this profitable business transactions, then do indicate YES!


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